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A member of the Quiet Garden Movement

The Quiet Garden here at St. Peter's is a tranquil spot, away from the main gardens, for meditation and reflection.

St. Francis Quiet Garden
What is a "Quiet Garden"?

The quiet is a place for contemplation, relaxation, meditation and reflection.

The world around us is so busy and noisy that sometimes it is good to get away.   The quiet garden is a place to achieve this.

The Quiet Garden Movement nurtures access to outdoor space for prayer, reflection and rest in a variety of settings, such as private homes, churches, schools and hospitals, and creates opportunities for people to experience silence, restfulness and contemplative practices.

Here at St. Peter's our quiet garden, tucked away from the rest of the gardens, is dedicated to St. Francis,  patron saint of animals and nature.

The garden is open to those of all faiths and none as a place of repose in nature.