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How We Started Out

Our journey started in July of 2008 with a vision, a hand saw and a garden spade.  The vision, to design and create a garden for the community by the community.  The task however was daunting, and it became clear within the first few months that without the proper tools we were taking two steps forward one step back.  By the following spring we had cut our way through some of the undergrowth with handheld tools borrowed from Cardiff City Council.

One year on, we realised that the undergrowth hid a mountain of rubbish from iron poles, mattresses, plastic traffic cones to beer cans and bottles and as we looked around the site it
appeared to look more like a landfill site than the foundations of a community garden.
It was at this stage that I realised, despite all the setbacks our volunteers were not fazed by the slow  pace of progress. It was clear that their positive approach would be the making of the gardens.
Within the next 5 years we had laid 172 tons of  stone dust pathways, a 6m by 6m patio, created a 7m by 6m pond, 240m of fencing, built and planted 6 large raised beds and created 3 lawns covering 480sqm.  We have planted 80m of hedging, created a wildflower meadow,  a 5 tree orchard and a 2 tier 38m herb bank.

Garden Blog

Follow the life of the garden through the year

Follow the link to read about the garden, the bees and the pond life as seen through the eyes of the Greenhorned Gardener

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About Our Community Garden

Creation in Progress,  Progress in Creation

We are a secret garden in a city suburb with an unusual combination of flower beds, raised vegetable beds, and and nature reserve, all created by volunteers.  Features include a large natural pond surrounded by wild plants, Welsh heritage apple trees, long double herb border, and wild flower meadow planted to encourage birds, bees and butterflies.

Our Philosophy

The gardens are a safe space where everyone is welcome.  There is no charge to enter the gardens or to take part in activities.  Our volunteers have established the gardens as a place of healing, growth and acceptance.
Respect for each other and for the environment is key.  We make no distinction between different ethnicities, abilities, religions or genders.

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Learn More About  our Community Garden

Follow this link to hear an interview with garden manager, Ian Thompson, talking bout the ethos of our garden and the people who come here.

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